Social media Will Dominate Small Business Marketing Within A Year

A report issued today finds that social media is here to stay — and in a big way for business owners.

Within 12 months, a full 82 percent of businesses will be using social media to promote their brand and the goods and services they offer consumers.

The report, issued by Equation Research, finds that two thirds of marketers are already using social media in some capacity, and the coming year will find that nearly every business in the United States will be employing these platforms in some way, shape or form.

Findings indicate that even though marketers will be turning more and more to social media for brand-building, many are still unsure how to begin or measure the effectiveness of this burgeoning media.

For small business owners, the choice is clear — jump on the social media bandwagon or be left behind. Social media, including blogs, is the fastest growing marketing segment — it’s expected to grow to a  $3.1 billion industry within five years.

The most popular social media platforms being used today are Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and Linkedin. Small business owners are finding that the online networks created via these applications are becoming increasingly invaluable to their marketing strategy.

If you still need more evidence that social media is here to stay or that you must begin to incorporate this new platform into your marketing mix now, watch the video Social Media Revolution! — it just might change your mind in a hurry.

 (From Patricia Abbate)

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