Five Easy Ways to Jump Start Social Media for Your Business

Confused about social media? You are not alone. Many business owners feel
overwhelmed by the idea of establishing a presence in the social media world.
But, it`s not really that complicated. At a recent Vistage webinar for its CEO
members, social media experts said your company is missing out on a prime
opportunity to engage customers in social conversations. Executive coaching
organization, Vistage International, shares tips for businesses on where to
start and how to engage.

#1 Check out your competition

Check out your competition before beginning your own social media campaign. See
what they are doing and how they are doing and, if applicable, tailor it to your
needs. If it works for them, it could work for you! Learn from their activities
and adapt them to fit with your company.

#2 Listen Actively

Search for your company name on social media platforms such as Twitter, LinkedIn
and Facebook to see what your clients like and dislike about your services and
then jump into the conversation. Be positive and let them know how you`ll
improve. Social media is a great place to learn what consumers are saying about
your product, customer service and company philosophy.

#3 Be Transparent

Approach online conversations about your product openly and engage in
conversations with full-disclosure that you are the one representing the brand.
Ask what they think about your product. You`re there to listen and engage, not

Consumers utilizing social media platforms aren`t looking to be “sold” on your
product. What they are looking for is candid advice, exceptional customer
service and real-life connections.

#4 Link. Link. Link

Link to your social media presence on your Web site, in your signature block and
even on your business card. Include your twitter handle at the end of any
article or blog comments you leave. Create a Facebook fan page for you product
and post a button linking to it on your website. The more places you link to
your social media presence, the larger following you`ll develop.

#5 Once a day does it!

You`ve done the legwork to setup your network, now spend 15 minutes per-day
updating each platform with relevant information and interacting with your
followers. Be sure to keep your content fresh.

What can all this do for you? Raise your brand awareness and brand loyalty. When
people connect with you online in positive ways, they spread the word and help
you grow your business, social experts say.

about Vistage International

Vistage is a CEO peer organization in 15 countries with nearly 14,500 members.
The Vistage model brings groups of CEOs from non-competing industries together
monthly to hear expert resource speakers and process key business and personal
issues through peer-to-peer discussions. Additionally, Vistage CEO members
receive monthly one-to-one coaching from a mentor called a Vistage Chair. The
sharing of information in a Vistage group is completely confidential, allowing
for the open exchange of problems, ideas and solutions.

By: Vistage International (Lois Arbogast)


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