FX Is On A Social Media Blitz For Sunny Premiere

Tonight, the absurdly offensive It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia makes its season 5 premiere on FX. FX has really been pushing social media hard for this premiere with some pretty interesting initiatives. To celebrate Sunny’s impending return and help to pass the time left leading up to the premiere, let’s take a look at some of the cool things that they have been doing to get the word out.

In addition to the standard features (meet the cast, wallpapers, episode guide), FX has included Twitter integration, exclusive video clips, and an awesome trailer mashup creator.

 In order to collect all the buzz around the premiere, their Twitter page is gathering all of the tweets with the hashtag #sunnyfx. There seems to be a decent amount of activity there, but it should really pick up as users flock to Twitter to give their thoughts on the first episode. The creators (and stars) of the show have also flocked to Twitter and maintain their own accounts: Glenn, Charlie, Rob, and DeVito.

By far the coolest thing that this site features is the trailer mashup creator. Built on GorillaSpot’s video editing platform, the mashup creator features a wealth of signature clips from It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia from all of the seasons. You can then splice these clips together, with music and titles to make your own season 5 trailer. From there, you can post it to a variety of social media sites including Facebook, MySpace and Blogger. You can also get the embed code so that you can put your creation anywhere. The trailer that I created is included at the bottom of this post (after the break).

I love to see companies doing really innovative things on the web with their marketing campaigns. Here, FX went above and beyond what’s expected and created a very engaging experience for potential viewers.

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