Why Businesses Cannot Afford To Ignore Social Media

Social media matter. This is a fact. With millions of people using social media for their personal and business lives, there is no question that social media are changing the way people communicate. Social media provide companies with the wonderful potential to reach millions of people. They provide the same potential benefits to both individuals and companies.

Companies- both big and small- can benefit from social media use. A company could be global with thousands of employees worldwide, or a company could be a small home operation that employs two workers and social media give both these companies the same opportunities when it comes to online marketing. Companies should no longer think of social media as a fad. By the looks of it, social media will stay. But your goal should be to draw the public from these public social networks into your own domain so that even if people stop using particular social networks, you still do not lose your readers because you have already drawn them into your own blog or website.

Even without studies to back this claim- social media influence consumer attitude and behavior- you know that it is true. In the last couple of years, bloggers and other social media personalities have grown into prominence.

If social media do not matter, why were bloggers in the front row of the latest New York fashion week? Why are ad placements in blogs and other social media becoming higher? Why are there moms who used to be unemployed now earning good money from their blogs? The answer is simple- social media do matter. But one important thing that business owners must remember is that using social media takes time. The real cost of social media is in the time that you need to invest in them. Those that truly succeed in using social media usually live and breathe them.

Even the simple act of blogging can take up time especially in the beginning when you are just trying to establish readership. You need to establish a schedule of uploading so that you always have fresh content for your readers. If you really want to take advantage of social media but do not have the time to invest in them- hire a virtual assistant.

By: Lawrence Perry


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