A Social Networking Glossary

Cyber campaigning — Using Web sites, Facebook, Twitter and other social networking sites for election strategy.

Group — Facebook site created by bands, companies and other organizations to promote their activities.

News feed — Highlights what’s happening in your social circles on Facebook.

Hashtags — A way to unite global Tweets around some particular topic or community. For example, when you search #LNK in Twitter, it links you to people posting in Lincoln.

Leveraging — Using a social media site to a candidate’s full advantage to add personality and pull in users.

Social ads — Drive traffic to a politician’s Web page by connecting with his or her Facebook page.

Fan — A person who has joined a page because he or she likes what the page represents.

RSS — A family of Web feed formats used to publish frequently updated works — blog entries, news headlines, audio and video — in a standardized format. It aggregates content so it’s easily organized by mobile devices and web pages.

Tag — Marking a photo or video with text that identifies the image or the person in the image.

TweetDeck — A personal browser to connect a person with his or her contacts across Twitter, Facebook and more to show everything a person wants to see at once, so he or she can stay organized and up to date.

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