Blotner Social Media Welcomes New Client: All Better Pediatrics

Blotner Social Media is pleased to announce the addition of  All Better Pediatrics,LLC. as a new client. BSM will oversee all social media performing the following social media tasks: Creative Placement Promotion and strategies.

About All Better Pediatrics, LLC

 All Better Pediatrics, LLC focuses on  meeting your family’s medical needs in a manner that strives to be professional, courteous, and  friendly.

It is their belief that you should be treated, not like a chart number, but rather as the unique person that you are. They enjoy the close relationships with their patients and their families. All of their providers are also parents, so they understand and appreciate the joys and anxieties of providing for children. 

 If you are an expectant mother call All Better Pediatrics to make a prenatal appointment. This is a no cost or obligation meeting to speak with their providers, take a tour of the office, and let them answer some of the many questions you may have.

Please call their office at   901. 761.1880

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