Contrary to What Steely Dan Says, You CAN go Back to Your Old School

Yesterday in the late afternoon,  a Steely Dan song from several years back, entitled, “My Old School” continued buzzing around in my head. In the song the words, ” And I’m never going back to  my old school” were a recurring hiccup in the 5:34 minute  1970’s hit.

Although I’ve been a huge Steely Dan fan for many years, I have to say that you can go back to your old school.

On Wednesaday, January 27, BSM kicked off it’s internship program partnering with my old school,  The Cooper Feinstone Yeshiva Of The South. There will be 7 students who will assist with my own projects and they will also learn to promote an event taking place in the school in Mid March.

The Agenda:

Although the original plan was to have the students assist me with BSM’s client activity, I decided to tweak the program by taking one of their projects and using social media to promote an upcoming event in the school. This idea was met with tremendous enthusiasm from the students. The project that was chosen will be to promote  an upcoming play put on by the students in mid March.

In addition to promoting the play through social media networks the students will assist me in updating my blogs, and maintaining Facebook, Twitter  and LinkedIN accounts.

My main goal for the students is to teach them how to transfer their skills with “personal” social media and educate them on how to think and create social media on the business level.   

My Thoughts On The Project

I was very pleased and encouraged by the group of boys involved in the project. Their enthusiasm and excitement is definitely infectious. 

Several months ago, when I decided to institute a intern program, I had plans to approach The University of Memphis’ marketing students. After giving it some thought, I decided to approach a high school with a high standard of academics and a well rounded, bright student body.

The Cooper Feinstone Yeshiva Of  The South met that criteria.

The secret may be out: With the student’s background with their own social Media (Facebook, Twitter, etc.), their creative ideas, and their excitement with this project, I might end up learning a lot more from them than they will from me.

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