BSM Case Studies-Clients continue A Well Deserved ‘Horn Tooting’

As our firm continues working closely with our client’s social media strategies, both the lighting speed progress and success has been tremendous (By ‘success’ we mean building a fan and follower base and getting them to respond to promotions).

One Client, Bud’s Broiler, a  ‘burger joint’ that has been a New Orleans Institution for over 50 years was reluctant to venture into Social Media. In a 6 week period, their facebook fan base is now over 3500 strong and rapidly growing.  Another client, Eden Spas, has also hit the social media, ground running. They have been extremely busy and booked solid since starting their facebook campaign.I’m thrilled at the response that my clients have experienced with the use of Social Media and confident this success will continue.

A Hotel Group I represent and consult for used a combination of my guidance, suggestions and their creativity to produce successful social media strategies for each of the properties.

The great thing is everyone seems to be having as much fun as I am!  

A huge thank you to all of my clients for having the confidence in me and the staff of Blotner Social Media.


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