April 2010-Blotner Social Media's Busiest Month (So Far)

Since officially becoming a full time Social Media Firm, This past month was by far the busiest month on record. Not surprising, many industries are ready, able and willing to commit to a social media strategy for their business. I think it’s pretty clear that Social Media is here to stay.   Here is a snapshot of some of the activity.

April 30,  Jonathan Blotner & Hirsch Serman Speak At the CLLA (Commercial Law League of America) Annual Meeting on the Subject of Social  Media. Presentation: “Welcome to The Social Media World.”

Here’s a preview posted before the conference….. 

April 20, Guest Interview On Mike Stein’s “One For The Money” Show (Business and Financial News Program)

Blotner Social Media Adds New Clients to Roster

More details to follow but we are pleased and privileged to add the following new clients to the BSM Family:

1. Makowsky, Ringel, Greenberg Real Estate (Development & Construction)

2. Joanna Zeiger, Professional Triathlete

3. Dave Moore Construction

We hope the spring and summer are just as active as the first Quarter of 2010!……….JB


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