I Can’t Resist: I Must Post This About One of My Clients

True Inspiration…..

I have the absolute pleasure of working with one of the most accomplished pro triathletes in the sport, Joanna Zeiger.

Accomplished because she is very versatile at all triathlon distances (varying races that cover distances lasting just over 2 hours and other races that could last in the nine hour range).

In November 2008, at the age of 39, Joanna won one of the most prestigious triathlon races to date. Foster Grant Ironman World Championship 70.3. In 2009 she returned to defend her title but an unfortunate bike crash caused by a poor water bottle exchange (some might call a freak of nature accident), ended her race day and began months and months of rehabilitation.

What made matters even worse, NBC recently aired the triathlon and decided to put cameras and microphones in Joanna’s face, just minutes after the crash.

As millions of viewers watched the portion of this telecast, Joanna sat on the side of the road, in excruciating pain and disbelief, telling the painful tales of what just happened.

That’s not why I am inspired.

Joanna is a class act. She is determined to make a comeback at, now 40 years of age not only to compete- but to win races. Her comeback attitude is infectious and most inspiring. She has recently launched ‘Fast At Forty-” a response to her recovery and a motivation for women over 40 to just get out there, set an excercise goal (and meet it) and in her words, “Have fun.”

For more on ‘Fast At Forty,’ her recent injuries and recovery, and more information about Joanna, please visit her blog at,  http://fastatforty.blogspot.com/


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