How To Make Facebook Work FOR You

5 Ways of Going Viral Facebook

If you want to maximize distribution of your content, here are five ways to increase your hit count.

1. Make Your Title a Hook. Talk about the “3 Underdogs to Root for at the WorldCup” or “How to Handle PR Better Than BP.”

2. Build Momentum. Ask your most loyal fans and friends to like & comment early on. Content with comments and likes show up in more often Facebook feeds.

3. Invite Interaction. The NBA Facebook page does a great job of involving fans. They’ll ask “Who is the most clutch ROLE player in Finals history & why? We’ll repost our favorite answers.” Find creative ways to involve your audience.

4. Focus on Themes. Write about ‘Going Green’ or ‘Simplicity in Design’ or other themes that resonate with specific groups. Since Facebook is communally oriented, you’ll do well if you can strike a chord with a community.

5. Post Consistently. Remember your blog? Consistency is king here too. Make sure to consistently add in good content and to keep on adding fans. Don’t forget to write about what your fans want to read, not just what you want to say.

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