How to Use Social Media to Help With SEO

[Adam White, SEO Consultant, contributed to this article]

Having been in the world of marketing [both traditional and digital] for so many years I definitely have developed habits and strategies that have helped me get to the top of Google for many phrases.

When people ask me what I am doing lately to work around Google updates I always tell them the same. “You might be disappointed with my answer but I am doing the same things I have been doing for years and it still works.”

The bottom line is if you do SEO the right way updates from Google should only increase your strong hold in the rankings.

Now, having said all of that, social media is an area that I truly see a need to get on board with new process and techniques to make sure I can maintain results that I have achieved.

I recognize that with the addition of Google+ to the social media world that Google is going to be using social media much more deeply to provide relevant results to its users.

I recently read an article that talks all about certain social media SEO strategies website owners can implement to help with the overall SEO strategy.

Some of the strategies include:

Ramping up your Google+ presence.
Focus on building relationships and getting followers.
Posting links to your articles and blog posts on social media

There are other very good strategies and you should definitely check it out.

As social media becomes more and more common place Google and other search engines are going to be forced to make this more integrated into their algorithm so getting on board now will be the best thing you can do.

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