Blotner Mass Media Adds Mobile Marketing For Clients

 Blotner Mass Media today announced the launch of Mobile Mass Marketing to it’s list of Services. BMM will offer  apps design, mobile web apps, allowing businesses of all sizes and types to capitalize on the power of mobile marketing, social media marketing, and push notification marketing in an unprecedentedly cross-platform and affordable method.

BMM will slo off QR code design, coupons and QR and code scanner functions. These, combined with full social media integration capabilities, allow for the execution of an all-inclusive mobile marketing campaign.

“This just a nother sign and proof that our industry moves at massive strides.” Says JB, CEO of Blotner Mass Media  Although we have been offering these mobile marketing to our clients for some time, we felt that it is now time to highlight these services on a global level.”
Once through design, development and publication phases, much of the app’s content can be updated, generated and regulated by clients themselves through Got2App’s AppCenter. This is an intuitive, DIY content management system. Publication is handled entirely by Got2App for a smooth mobile market entry experience.
Customized native applications can be created for iOS (iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch) and Android systems, and the development of an additional HTML5 web app provides a universal experience to all non-iOS/Android smartphones and tablets as a business’ mobile website.
About Got2App Mobile Services
Got2App ( provides design, development and distribution of customized native and HTML5 apps as mobile marketing vehicles for all levels of businesses and organizations. Their goal is to integrate seamlessly with the existing brand of a given client, helping kick start an effective mobile marketing strategy. They are constantly innovating and improving their services to bring better features at an affordable price.


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