SEO-A 5 day Intro Plan

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If you want to be found on the internet, you must have a solid optimization strategy. Although SEO includes ongoing tasks and research, the first week is essential to implementing your plan. The following will give you an opportunity to “Witness” A five day plan for a ‘typical’ SEO client.

Day 1

SEO-How it relates to your business

  • What is it
  • How does it work

Keyword research

  • Your keyword research
  • Tools
  • What you are looking for
  • How to continually refine your keyword strategy

Link building

  • Specifics
    • Directories
    • PR suppliers
    • Advertorials
    • One to one links
    • Secondary links
    • Tools we use to be more efficient


Day 2

Reporting (STAT, Google Analytics, etc.)

  • Using:
    • STAT
    • Google Analytics
    • Buzzstream
    • Advanced Excel

Tools (IIS, Firebug, Linkdex, WMT etc.)

  • How to use:
    • IIS crawler
    • Firebug
    • Linkdex
    • Webmaster tools (Bing and Google)

Day 3

Redirects and server responses

  • What are all the different things that are happening when a web page is actually delivered to your screen?
  • How do they affect SEO?
  • Test

How to get A Perfectly optimized page

  • Titles, meta-data, etc.
  • Content and semantics
  • Video content
  • User reviews
  • Social media commenting and sharing
  • Internal linking

Day 4

Advanced Excel

  • Pivot tables
  • Advanced formulae
  • Using Excel to be more efficient

Advanced link building

  • Advanced techniques
  • Targeting “trusted” domains
  • Leveraging other marketing activities

Day 5

Social media advancements

  • How does social media affect your SEO
  • How could it affect SEO moving forward

Microformatting, local, and other tips and tricks

  • Types of mark up
  • On-page optimization for Local business listings
  • Off-page optimization for Local business listings
  • Optimizing Google+

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